Broker & Carrier

Broker & Carrier

Welcome to our Broker & Carrier resources page to help you with our logistic support to get your customer’s vehicles to a better location for pickup and or delivery.

We are always in the Florida Keys and if you need help logistically getting a vehicle in or out of the Keys we can help. I’ll list a few examples below so we’re on the same page.

Example 1: You’re a broker and your customer wants to ship his/her car to Key West from New York. It’s really difficult to find a driver for a straight shot. So you would ship the vehicle to Pompano Beach, FL and we’d take it to Key West for you. Making the transport much easier to schedule.

Example 2: You’re a carrier hired to ship a vehicle from Key West to Chicago, IL but you don’t go into the Florida Keys. Give us a call, we’ll go down and pull it out for you. Then meet your driver to hand it off to haul it to Chicago, IL.

We charge 400$ for this service as long as it’s a small vehicle. If we have some notice it can be done within 12-24 hours

We have been in this industry and we would love to work together with any broker or carrier to help our respective customer base. We will always stay in constant communication, this industry if full of companies who dont communicate well. If you are one of those companies we won’t do business together. Our customers are most important and without communication we can’t help them with their questions or needs.

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